LifeSpan Religious Education at Hopedale

Broadly speaking, religious education is part of worship, leadership development, spiritual growth, committee work, social gatherings and every aspect of building community at Hopedale. Religious education is so much more than what happens in the classrooms downstairs on Sunday, with young people as students. Religious education is how we learn and grow throughout our lives, within a supportive community. The term “LifeSpan” directs our awareness and attention to the full ministry of religious education opportunities for all ages.

Many of our Religious Education offerings draw from the Tapestry of Faith curricula (link to

Co-ordinator for Religious Education:
Genevieve O’Malley Knight
genevieveaok (at) yahoo (dot) com

Children’s Religious Education
Our Children’s Religious Education classes are typically held Sunday mornings when the children are sung to their classes after participating in the first part of the worship service. Classroom time includes lessons and activities that explore holidays, important life questions, the world’s religions, mythology, science discovery, UUA history, life and death, and decision-making. Some Sunday services are meant to be intergenerational with children and adults participating in the entire worship together. For more information about Children’s R.E. please contact Genevieve O’Malley Knight.

Nursery care is available for the youngest throughout the entirety of all services.