We are a GREEN and WELCOMING congregation! Sunday Services on 10:30 am at the Hopedale Community building, 3870 Millville Oxford Road. Nursery and child care available. A social hour follows the service — join us for coffee and conversation.

Our mission is to foster a supportive and intergenerational religious congregation, daily supported by community, renewed by inspiration, and expressed in celebration.

We covenant to:
* Examine and experience a spectrum of ethical, philosophical and spiritual value systems,
* Embrace fundamental beliefs in human worth and dignity, and in continuity with the Earth and the Universe,
* Nurture a community that welcomes diversity, appreciates ambiguity, and encourages freedom to question and to challenge,
* Strive for spiritual growth that will make a difference in ourselves, our community, and in the larger world,
* Work toward a consensual process and mutual respect in all human relationships,
* Extend and strengthen awareness of liberal religion, and,
* Recognize cherish, and build on the capacities of the individuals in our religious community.

We enter into this covenant, promising each other our mutual trust and support.

We have learned that, in order to realize these ideals, members must work together as collaborative system made up of three parts: Professional Leadership (Ministry), Board and Shared Community.